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Looking for an unusual gift?  Looking to add to your collection?  Interested in history or ghost hunters or both?  You have come to the right place. 

Our assortment of videos from the Ghost Trackers will be an added asset to your video library.




Ghosts of Pleasanton


The Ghost Trackers Third Video ~ Is Downtown Pleasanton HAUNTED??  Did the Ghost Trackers capture any evidence?

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The Ghost Trackers were asked to investigate three or four businesses in downtown Pleasanton so we could give a talk to the community on these haunts and what evidence we got.  This took place over a weekend.  The visits turned into four weekends investigating many more businesses.  See the great places they investigated and the experiences they had so you'll know where to go when you visit!!!


  Ghosts of Pleasanton DVD - $15.00



Ghosts of Virginia City


The Ghost Trackers Second Video ~ Did our techniques get better?

Join the Ghost Trackers as they explore the HAUNTS of Virginia City, Nevada.  Visit the best spots in town with the best spooks.  See the experiences they had and you may also be able to experience paranormal occurrences when you visit!!!


  Ghosts of Virginia City DVD - $15.00





The Ghost Trackers First Documentary ~ See how investigations first started

- Join the Ghost Trackers as they investigate Tombstone, Arizona. Before "Ghost Hunters" entered the Bird Cage, before "Ghost Adventures" did too, the Ghost Trackers spent the night in a few areas in Tombstone.  Hear all the stories of the experiences that took place to both the Ghost Trackers and the camera crew as they investigated Haunted Tombstone.  Join them as they conduct investigations and see the interesting results they obtained.  


  Ghosts of Tombstone DVD - $15.00





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