Investigating The Haunted U.S.S. Hornet

The U.S.S. Hornet

A Symbol Of Our

American Heritage

As part of our 2004 conference, we added a bonus attraction of a night spent aboard the Hornet.  It was a thrill to be given permission to spend the night.  Our conference goers were very excited as well.

You never realize the size and depth of a battleship until you are standing right next to it.  The sight is overwhelming.  It is compact on the inside yet overall it is tremendous.


You never really realize that you are locked into the battleship until you see the large bay doors being closed in front of you.

When on board, even if you are a civilian, you are expected to act as the sailors had when on board. That means you serve dinner and clean up afterwards.


Ghost hunting aboard the ship was easy. This vessel has a long and documented history of hauntings and actual sightings by the crewmembers.  As well, they told of the actual sightings, where they took place and to whom.


The two pictures above were taken within seconds of each other. This the same brig room, taken at a bit of a different angle due to the fact that light reflection was discovered when taking the first picture.  You notice the orb to the left of center in both pictures but in the second picture it has moved just a bit and is now lower just below the dividing line in the wall.

This picture shows an orb that is beginning to show its tail.  Many pictures similar to this one where the orb was beginning to show its tail were taken on this night.



The two pictures above were taken by conference goer, Steve Pristavok of Vacaville, California.  An avid photographer, Steve used good ghost hunting technique when taking these pictures by making sure to take one after another, within seconds of each other.  You can see in the second picture he has also caught an orb that is beginning to show its' tail.

In this picture taken by Central California Paranormal Investigator, Jackie Meador, you can see the orb plainly visible.  It has good symmetry, color and texture.



Ahhhh, the beautiful San Francisco skyline.  Add to that the combination of the ship and the calming effects of the ocean and you have the makings of a very romantic evening.  Even though our tasks did not include romance or any variable thereof, the night was filled with anticipation and expectation. 

In the morning, there were stories of many different sounds heard aboard the ship, footsteps running in the hallways as though for general quarters, a couple of very loud bangs and booms....all part of living or staying aboard a haunted battleship.  The stay on the battleship was wonderfully exciting!!

The Ghost Trackers wish to thank the U.S.S. Hornet Foundation for the permission to stay aboard their vessel and many, many thanks to Chief Sass, Joe Martinez, Keith LaDue and Winter LaDue for the assistance and guided tours.


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