The City Of Tombstone Receives Double Haunted Awards Specifically For The Buford House Bed & Breakfast, Downtown Allen Street and For The Bird Cage Theater

The Ghost Trackers In Tombstone, Arizona


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Tombstone in the afternoon. A lightning storm or thunder storm passing through is not unusual in the city.


Tombstone, Arizona has such interesting history and just having the opportunity to join Movie Mix Productions was the chance of a lifetime. For those people who are unfamiliar with Tombstone, Arizona...think Wyatt Earp and his brothers...think the OK Corral and the famous gunfight that took place there...think dancehall girls, belly up to the bar and "I'm your huckleberry" taken from the movie of the same name, "Tombstone" starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Bill Paxton to name a few of the wonderful stars in that movie. All these things and more were found at Tombstone.

Our trip to Tombstone begins with the stay in our motel room. We decided to opt for a Best Western motel, the Lookout Lodge, situated just a few hundred yards from town. By chance, we had discovered this motel was haunted and indeed it did not disappoint.

When we spoke to the motel owner, regarding the hauntings taking place in his motel, he told us stories that had taken place over years including the possibility that there was a cemetery located just behind the motel on the overlooking hill. We questioned the maid who had been with the motel the longest, Bertha, a very nice lady with many stories. You can read about our great stay in this motel and its stories below.

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Tombstone has many different plaques like this one that explains what happened on that particular site and when. History is very important in this city.

When walking about the city which is small compared to even the closest city of Tucson, you are totally engulfed in the old west. The facades on the buildings are still in the architecture of the old west. Many buildings have modern insides but their walls speak a totally different story. You can sense right away that this town is old and has been "rebuilt". It still has that old town charm and inviting atmosphere. People walk around the town in old west garb, guns are commonplace strapped to a man's leg, cowboy hats and spurs are commonplace. If you listen, they still talk in that good 'ole western style where men were men and women were women.


Our plan was to investigate the Buford House Bed & Breakfast that first evening. We had had heard stories from the owners about the hauntings. The Chamber of Commerce says that the Buford House B&B is the only lodging that claims to be haunted. Lucky for us, it also did not disappoint.

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A monument to Ed Schefflin, founder of Tombstone lies on a desert hill about two miles from town.


The Tombstone Courthouse is located just off the main street of town. Its architecture is beautiful, ornate and well kept. It was very interesting to see all the historic items that have since been placed in the courthouse as well as the gallows that was used in the days gone by.

See the pictures of the Tombstone Courthouse here



Historic attractions abound like the Crystal Palace on whose second floor balcony shots rang out wounding Virgil Earp in the late 1880's. Today, the Crystal Palace is run by "Miss Kimmie".

What trip to Tombstone would not be complete with a visit to the O.K. Corral? To preserve the surroundings of this infamous site, the city has placed a wall around the original corral. As you walk in, you see many artifacts from the old west. You are given the opportunity to see what life really must have been like when you visit the O.K. Corral. There is a re-enactment of the shootout including a history of that historic gunfight. One of our most HAUNTING incidents happened right in front of this building on an evening we were out shooting exterior shots. Click below and read about it here.

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Down through the pages of history, people have always talked about cemeteries, any cemetery, as Boot Hill. On our stay in Tombstone, we visited the little cemetery set on the side of a hill overlooking the valley below and realized that some of the most famous gunslingers in the west were resting here....or were they? There are many stories about this little cemetery and the dead rising from their graves to have their pictures taken with the visitors. You can see what the cemetery looks like here.

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Ahhhhh...what does someone say about the historic Bird Cage Theater? You would not believe this place unless you saw it for yourself? That would be a good start but it doesn't even skim the top of what there is to see. History nuts and ghost hunters alike will tremendously enjoy the stories about the Bird Cage and what happened to the Ghost Trackers and the Movie Mix Productions crew while we visited there. You can start reading below:

Read About The Ghostly Happenings At The Famous Bird Cage Theater

Scenes like this soon-to-be night sky are prevalent in Tombstone. This beautiful evening sky will give way to a large sky filled with big, bright stars.

There are not enough words to describe our trip to Tombstone. It was wonderful, elating, visually beautiful and yet, so terrifically eerie, spooky and HAUNTED.

It is a place that you just can't read about. You must experience it firsthand to take in all the flavors of the scenery, the colorful costumes and the extraordinarily friendly people.

The Ghost Trackers would like to extend its' sincerest THANK YOU'S to all the people of Tombstone who allowed us entry into their buildings so that we may film these most historic areas.

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