The Haunted  

St. Mary's

Art Center

St. Mary’s Art Center is housed in a historic building formerly known as the St. Mary Louise Hospital.  Built in 1876 by the Sisters of Charity and Bishop Patrick Manogue. It contained 36 rooms including five wards and 12 private rooms.  Sixty to seventy patients could be accommodated.

The operating room was located on the first floor as well as a large kitchen.  There was a chapel on the third floor next to the large public ward where patients could hear the sermon.  The fourth floor contained two public wards and two private rooms for servants.

In 1897, the Sisters of Charity closed the hospital.  Storey County was granted title to the building. At about the same time, the only other hospital in Virginia City burned and this building then became the county hospital.  It operated until approximately 1940 when a dwindling population and a fire on the fourth floor forced it to close.

The building was abandoned until 1964 when Father Meinecke, pastor of St. Mary’s in the Mountains Church, proposed to the county commissioners that it be transformed into an art center.  The county had considered tearing down the building and selling the salvaged bricks.

Since that time, the art center has operated from May through October of each year offering lodging and art instruction on a weekly basis.  Many well-known artists have taught or attended classes each year.

One of the first interesting events we encountered was discovered when entering a room on the third floor.  Speaking with the caretaker, Mimi, we learned she was very puzzled. When we inquired as to why she was very puzzled we learned that all the beds in each room had already been made up.  Mimi had recently made up the bed in this particular room (below). When we entered it, while she was giving us the tour, she noticed that the bed was suddenly unmade.

She didn't seem surprised at all.  Apparently this was the room that the nun, who apparently haunts this building, lived. Mimi regularly finds this bed unkempt, undone by ghostly hands!!

In the attic, one of more haunted places in the building, cold spots as well as places that felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable were discovered.  Below on the left is Ghost Trackers member Steve Pristavok showing how uncomfortable he feels in the one area that was discovered. On the right, Ghost Trackers member Scott Mosbaugh checks his camera for any possible pictures received in a cold spot.

In these two pictures below, the orb activity seemed to peak.  In the picture at the right, Jackie Meador of Central California Paranormal Investigators just entered a door where Steve Pristavok of Ghost Trackers was checking his camera for any orb activity.  Jackie appears to have an orb in motion right where her left hand is. I thought it was her flashlight but on questioning, she didn't have one. In the picture on the right, an orb appears ready to move.  The attic was very active.

Besides these occurrences above, there were incidences of a couple of members being pushed, the consistent uneasy feeling in the attic, lots of orb motion caught on videotape and still photographs, members complained of their hair getting stroked in the dark room and in some bedrooms noises were being heard in the hallways even though members had said they were asleep.

The Ghost Trackers and Movie Mix Productions would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to Mimi for allowing us the use of the very HAUNTED St. Mary's Art Center building for filming.  

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