Our Attempts To Save The Historic Mustang Ranch Failed - The Bottom Line Was Money For The Bureau Of Land Management And All Bureaucratic Requests For Assistance Fell On Deaf Ears....As Usual!!

The Bureau of Land Management has made many empty promises to our coalition of groups. We finally have discovered what the BLM is made of and that they are just like any other typical government agency. They make promises and break them. The BLM had the intent of giving the buildings to us...we have proof of that, but even the Director of the BLM in Washington, Kathleen Clarke, would not return our calls or answer our faxes or emails. The Governor of Nevada, Kenny Guinn also would not return any calls or faxes or emails. This shows how our government works. This shows our taxes at work. 

Death For Famed Brothel...Feds Shut Down The Mustang Ranch

On August 9, federal agents padlocked two legendary brothels in Storey County just east of Reno, Nevada: Mustang 1 and Mustang 2, better known simply as the Mustang Ranch. The Mustang Ranch had been a local landmark since 1955, when Joe Conforte opened what was then an illegal house of prostitution.

Although the Ghost Trackers are not especially interested in the fact that this was a brothel, they are interested in preserving the past history that these buildings have and are interested in helping the citizens of Reno, the Historical Society and the local government benefit by trying to move the buildings, renovating them and turning them into a museum.

In Honor And Respect For All Women Past And Present, Working In "Less Than Equal" Positions Like Our Counterparts...The Following Song Is Dedicated To You

Watch Me Shine

- Joanna Pacitti-From the soundtrack of "Legally Blonde"

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