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For those ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and other interested persons wanting to learn more about ghost hunting but are not able to attend one of our great lectures, have no fear!!

In cooperation with Online Publishing Services, we now have a HOME STUDY GHOST HUNTING COURSE. With this course you will be able to:

The Ghost Trackers are offering two courses, each includes personalized service and an email link for immediate response. You will also receive a certificate that you DON'T have to pay for like some sites offer.

The Paranormal Investigators Course is to used in conjunction with The Ghost Hunters Course. It is an addition to that course, not to be used on its own. The Ghost Hunting Course gives you the basics of ghost hunting and the paranormal investigations course offers you the scientific techniques over-and-above what the Ghost Hunting Course offers.

The Ghost Trackers are offering these courses as listed below:

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Become A Ghost Hunter/Paranormal Investigator And Join The Thousands Of Others That Are Currently Enjoying The Secrets To Better Ghost Hunting


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