Haunted Donner Memorial Park in Truckee, California


We had investigated Donner Memorial Park and the two other surrounding Donner memorials in the Truckee, California area.  We had discovered lights that we could not account for, pictures of orbs, a haunted museum and lots and lots of great history.

Every once in awhile someone will send us a picture that has an oddity and then asks us to review it.  This page is dedicated to just such a picture.  Jason Sweeton of Round Rock, Texas has a great story to tell.

The Story:

I was on a business trip to Reno this past week (October, 2004).  I had a few hours on my hands so I drove to the Donner Memorial near Truckee, California.  I am a very logical, rational and skeptical human being.  The picture I had taken was near where the tragedy of the Donner party occurred during the winter of 1846-1847.  I was walking along a trail in the Donner Memorial State Park where I was on a monitoring visit.  I took this photo in the park.  I was completely alone.  I stopped to take a picture of the trail in the sunlight.  I made a mental note of how quiet and peaceful it was being there by myself. 


I have no idea who this child is....or how he/she got into the picture. 

I would have easily noticed and remembered any person that was near me. 

I don't believe this happened. There's got to be a logical explanation for it.







Follow up note from our forensic photographer:á Due to the distance, I was unable to recreate the experiment with my equipment.á So I performed tests on this picture using a few different sofwares with Photoshop being the main center point for this picture.  I attempted to manipulate the picture by added different contrasts, using a negative frame, different colored frames and other different features of this picture.  I also tended to look at the dissolution of the face in certain areas as it seemed to be blending into the gravel below.  This would not happen even if the picture itself were blurred.   

There is a possibility that the anomaly is paranormal in nature!á Keep in mind this is only my opinion at this time.  I am going to continue working with this picture.

Thank you to Jason Sweeton of Round Rock, Texas for his kind, thoughtful and very generous use of this very unusual picture.  It is with people like this who are willing to share these extraordinary pictures, that we can further inform and educate the public!!


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