The decision was made to film our second documentary in Virginia City, Nevada.  We were thrilled just realizing the history as well as the activity that abounds in this city.  After long discussions with Author Janice Oberding, the Movie Mix Productions crew and our group, Janice consented to join us in this documentary as well as to take us on a tour of the city's most haunted areas.


We stayed at the Gold Hill Hotel. After staying in that hotel earlier this year, I discovered this was a quaint, beautiful hotel that has a few very haunted rooms.  However, the hauntings are not limited to these rooms as we found out while staying here. Read now about the extremely HAUNTED happenings at the wonderful Gold Hill Hotel.


The Haunted Gold Hill Hotel



We investigated the Territorial Enterprise Newspaper Buildings' Mark Twain Museum complete with artifacts such as Mark Twain's personal desk.


Mark Twain Museum


Silver Terrace Cemetery 

- a deserted part of town that combines the wild hillside with old headstones.

Silver Terrace Cemetery


St. Mary's Art Center 

- One of the more haunted buildings in Virginia City.  An exquisitely pleasant, calm building supporting the arts, also turns out to house many of Virginia City's noisiest ghosts.

Haunted St. Mary's Art Center



The Old Washoe Club - Commonly Referred To As The Billionaire Boys Club

Old Washoe Club


All in all, the taping we did in Virginia City for the documentary, "Ghosts of Virginia City" was a tremendous success.  We met a lot of great people and were given access to some of the finest properties in Virginia City.  We detected paranormal activity in many areas, some of which was caught on tape.  



The Ghost Trackers and Movie Mix Productions would like to thank the people of the City of Virginia City for their kindness, generosity and willingness to allow us to enter their buildings and make determinations of paranormal activity.  



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