The Haunted Gold Hill Hotel

The Gold Hill Hotel receives our Double Haunted Award for all the activity that occurs in this hotel on a regular basis!!

A few miles out of Virginia City is the little town of Gold Hill.  This is the town where the actual gold strikes began just prior to the biggest gold and silver strike ever (called the Comstock Lode) occurred in Virginia City.

Gold Hill has its share of mines that are still under the ground.  The Yellow Jacket mine, the Commons mine and all the rest are still here.  Miners were killed in some of these mines due to accidents.  Right behind the Gold Hill Hotel is the Yellow Jacket mine. The miners didn't have electricity with which to do their work.  They had to use candlelight. Oxygen was limited underground and the gases that emanated from under the ground combined and fires were a constant danger.  Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the Yellow Jacket mine in 1873 and 37 miners were killed and were left buried at the bottom of the mine shafts behind this hotel.  Is it any wonder there is so much activity at this hotel??

The hotel is quaint, beautiful and reminiscent of what old town living was like back in the 1850's. The old artifacts combined with the lush living inside the hotel tells of a bygone era, yet comfortable living.  The proprietors are wonderful people, probably the most accommodating I have ever found in Nevada. All of the staff will go out of their way to assist you with anything you need. The rooms are gorgeously decorated, clean and comfortable.  But don't be fooled by the elegance of this hotel, for behind these walls lurks ghostly energy that presents itself frequently to guests and staff.  Read below about all the experiences that took place while we stayed at the hotel.

Incident #1 - After arriving in town for the first day of filming and after checking into the hotel, the camera crew began setting up to film outdoors in town.  When it was noticed that some equipment had been forgotten, two of the crew, Tim and Brad, went back to the hotel room to pick up what they needed. They were staying in the Miner's Lodge (which is located in the back of the hotel and just next to the mine shaft where the 37 miners were killed in the fire in 1873).  Tim walked into the hotel room to get some equipment, while Brad was at the truck getting some things to take back in.  Tim suddenly realized that their hotel room door was wide open. No one was around. Nothing was moved, touched or taken.  He was certain that the door was closed but laughed it off as an isolated incident. When Brad came in, Tim told him exactly what had happened.  Brad stood still, looked around but continued placing the equipment he brought in on the bed. Tim had gone back out to the truck to place the items in that he had forgotten to take to the shoot site.  Tim suddenly realized that the truck was locked. Puzzled, he unlocked it. He didn't think Brad would lock it as they were just coming and then going right away. Brad came out and Tim had asked if he had locked the door and of course, the answer was no.  So - who opened the door to the room leaving it wide open and who locked the truck door??

Incident #2 - One of our Ghost Trackers members decided to stay in the haunted rooms of the hotel while the filming was going on.  Steve stayed in Rosie's room the first night. Nothing happened. Steve is a new member of the group and has never had anything paranormal happen to him.  He felt good about nothing happening to him in Rosie's room and was eager to try William's room the next night.  As always, everyone had gone to sleep late at night.  After a full day of shooting at various sites, having some dinner and then coming back to the hotel and having a drink, everyone went to bed very late.  Now, according at Steve the incidents that happened were as follows: At 1:40 a.m., Steve heard what he believed to be a man's voice talking but it was mumbled and he couldn't make out what was being said.  It was somewhat loud. He thought it was the people next door. At about 1:50 a.m. or so, he heard what he believed were footsteps right in front of his door.  He says he did not hear them coming or going down the hallway (which in this part of the hotel is unusual as the floorboards are quite loud) and then he heard scratching on his door.  He was apprehensive at that point and told it to stop. It did stop at that point.  He says he did not hear any footsteps leaving his doorway going down the hall. About half an hour past that time at approximately 2:15 a.m. he felt his bed shake a bit.  He didn't think anything about that until moments later, the bed began to shake violently.  He became so upset he left the room to bunk with members in another room.

Incident #3 -  While filming in the now emptied William's room the following night, Jackie Meador of Central California Paranormal Investigators, had taken some preliminary shots of the room before setting up equipment.  She had discovered after returning home, that in one of her pictures was something very unusual. She discovered a face in the mirror.  Below are the two pictures.

The one on the left is the actual picture and on the right, the image is darkened so that you can see the face better.  I don't know and can only speculate that it is the face of a man or woman, however, if you were able to better see the picture as we can having the original, it appears to be a woman holding a flower.  There is nothing on the opposing wall to create these images. The wall is not textured. The dresser does not appear to be an antique and therefore, the silver oxide issue is moot. Again, the picture is much clearer if you were able to see the actual picture.

Incident #4 - Also on the night that the investigation was going on in William's room, equipment was also set up in the "Great Room" which is the room adjacent to the bar.  Sounds were  heard in that room as though furniture was being moved around, however, looking on the monitors that were set up to observe, nothing was going on.

Incident #5 - My room was an adjoining room with my two best friends, Jackie and Mark Meador of Central California Paranormal Investigators.  We left the door open between rooms unless we wanted privacy. On the night that the investigation of William's room was going on, I finally gave up the monitoring at approximately 2:30 a.m.  I needed to get up for the final day's shooting the next morning and was very tired. I went up to bed and left the door between our rooms ajar in case Jackie or Mark needed anything. Mark came in later to get something and checked on me.  I had been dozing, told him I was tired and he closed the door between the rooms completely. There was no light filtering through the door. Some time had passed (I don't know how long because I had fallen asleep) and the door opened and slammed shut at least twice that I can remember.  It was enough to wake me up.  At first I thought it was Jackie and/or Mark coming back into the room and it was the pressure of the hotel room door opening and closing that was causing the adjoining door to open and shut so hard.  The next morning I asked them if they had come into the room and did they forget something and Jackie told me that they never went back to the room until they were finished, put the equipment up and went to sleep.  What did slam the door between our rooms??

So, all in all, the filming went well here at the Gold Hill Hotel as well as in Virginia City and if anyone ever asks me if the Gold Hill Hotel is haunted....there is no question in my mind that it is and it is one of the better places to stay and experience hauntings!!

The Ghost Trackers and Movie Mix Productions would like to thank Carol and Bill Fein and their staff  for the use of their hotel, the ability to come and go at all hours of the night and for their wonderful haunted residents!!

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