Haunted Residence in Santa Clara, California

I find this a bit ironic because, according to the historical liaison in Santa Clara, "there are no ghosts in Santa Clara". The pictures below represent the results of an investigation, albeit very informal, done at the residence of a family in Santa Clara. They have lived in the residence for nearly 20 years.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, which would be the last couple of weeks in August until the present (which is the second week in September (2003)), the mother, daughter and oldest son have reported hearing voices, footsteps, movement of objects and the motion detectors surrounding the back part of the residence, go on for no reason at all hours of the evening. The noises and voices are not limited to the evening. They also occur during the day.


As you can see by the pictures, the house is not really large, but it is airy and open. There are no obstructing structures, plants or anything to hinder the sight or hearing of anyone standing around.


This is the area leading from the front of the house toward the back yard. There is the main house, the garage and an additional living structure in the rear parallel to the garage.

There are areas on the structures that are reflective and those have been accounted for by looking at the lights in the pictures. What was not counted on was what was found over a three day period of time. The investigation was centered in a small path that led from the front of the house, past the driveway, to the right on a small boarded walkway to the left along a paved walkway leading to a gate to the backyard.


The first night produced a couple of possible orbs. The picture on the left has a possible orb high up in the sunflower. This could very well be pollen but the plant is dying now and ready to give its sunflower seeds, so it remains a possibility that is may be an orb. The second has possible orbs on the left by the window, on the right by the controller (the metal thing hanging on the wall) and on the back wall. Again, these could be dust or pollen, but dust might be discounted as no one was moving about.


This picture shows a possible orb down below on the right side by the pillar very close to where the activity has been centered.


The third day produced something we never expected. It produced a long, "string-like" anomaly. This is the area where most of the activity has been centered. Down this little path. No one can explain why it is occurring or better yet, why all of a sudden. All everyone knows is, is that it is. When we were investigating the area, there were voices, there was the definite sensation of someone behind us and there were sounds like objects moving two out of the three days.


The picture next to it is a control picture. The member taking these pictures was not sure if they had captured something but had the presence of mind to take another immediately afterward. The long, "string-like" anomaly is in the first picture but not in the second taken seconds afterward.


Here is a cropping of the same picture. It has been enhanced by increasing the contrast for better viewing. You can see that it looks like possible energy or a "long string-like" anomaly.


We have heard from people all across the country just how active the month of August had been and now it seems as though September (2003) is beginning to be just as active. What is causing this increase in activity? One can only speculate. As ghost hunting and paranormal investigation is merely theory and conjecture at this point, we can only use our tools and theories and conduct proper scientific investigations to see if we can develop any conclusion for this activity.

We will continue to monitor the area to see what else we can get on EVP or photography but suffice it to say, this is a definite haunted area. Why is this happening? We can't explain it to the homeowners. Are they bothered by it? No. They don't mind having a guest. They are just curious as to why in that part of the home and why now?


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