Getting Started In Ghost Hunting

The following are step-by-step simple lessons
on how to get involved in ghost hunting and investigating:

  1. Try contacting an organization in your area. Ghost investigating is becoming the new "in" thing and groups are popping up all over the place.

  3. When choosing any group, make sure you make the right choice. You want to be with people interested in investigating. This means people who follow protocol and standards and who are not going to immediately pass off every shadow and light as spirit activity. Unfortunately, I have seen many different photos of different items such as dashboard lights, breath in cold temperatures, and tree branches passed off as ghost photos. These people of the ghost hunting world make the rest of us look bad. So make sure you're with people who mean business and genuinely care about researching the paranormal.

  5. Checking the Internet for a group can be easy and quick but make sure you meet somewhere first. A public place is a good starting point. You want to be near other people. Unfortunately, when meeting people you don't know for the first time is not only uncomfortable but you don't know this other person and safety is always an issue.

  7. Read all you can about ghost hunting. You can even take our Ghost Hunting Course before considering joining a group to give you an idea of what to do and how to do it before joining others.
  8. **************************

    1. a 35 mm camera with 400 speed film
    2. a flashlight with fresh extra batteries
    3. a notebook with a pen

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