EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon

EVP has been experimented with for many, many years as a way to try to communicate with the dead. People have used many different techniques to try to conduct these experiments.

Believing in ghosts or spirit energy does not necessarily mean that you believe in EVP and contacting the dead BUT, they are very closely associated.  You can capture EVP anywhere, anytime if the circumstances are right. The circumstances in this case are whether or not any spirits decide to talk to you!!

Below are some examples and the circumstances under which they were received.  You can decide for yourself to what degree you believe in communication with the dead.


Example #1 - The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California (2003)

The Ghost Trackers were recently invited to be a part of the "Bill and Marla Morning Show" on KEZR/Mix 106.5 on Halloween morning on location at the Winchester Mystery House.  Along with other entertainment and a tour through the house, we were asked to bring examples of our EVP and to talk about the circumstances under which they were received. As I was explaining the details behind an EVP caught while on an investigation, the following conversation began.

Bill:  If I had black mist coming out of my basement, I would call Roto-Rooter.

Laughter erupts throughout the room as it dies down and I begin to speak again, you hear a woman's voice clearly and sternly stating, "Get Out"!!

I was seated next to a woman reading tarot cards on my left and Michele (in for Marla who was on maternity leave) and Bill on my right, respectively.  Neither was talking into my small handheld recorder I had placed on the table in front of me. This was one of the best examples of EVP I have ever caught not to mention that this was in the Winchester Mystery House.  A house in which I had never captured anything on film or on EVP attempts.

KEZR'S Halloween Radio Segment

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Example #2 - Joseph D. Grant Ranch House in Joseph D. Grant County Park, San Jose, California

Joseph D. Grant Ranch House EVP - Loud noises and footsteps

Press the "play" button to hear and the "stop" button to stop it.

The Ghost Trackers were invited to give flashlight ghost tours at this haunted house we investigated back in 2002 (Joseph D. Grant) with a San Jose Mercury News Reporter and cameraman for a Halloween article.  We discovered at that time that the house was deliciously haunted with activity occurring to everyone in the party.  

As a way to increase traffic to the park and ranch house, they invited the public on October 8-9, 2004 for flashlight tours.  The tours appeared to be a huge success with everyone going away with a bit of history in their heads and some type of personal experience or story of an experience to take with them.

We had set up equipment in a particularly haunted room and one of our members received the following EVP of footsteps and loud bangs at a time when NO ONE was in the house.  We know this to be true because everyone was escorted out after the tours and the historian would lock the front door behind him after every tour. Here then are new EVP's:

Footsteps and dragging noises:


Loud bang: