Hacienda Cemetery and Memorial Park

As ghost hunters, we never know where we will find things that are of interest to us or anybody else. Sometimes we are led to places just by the "feelings" or the need to find it, not really knowing what "it" is.

Hacienda Cemetery and Memorial Park had just that desire for me. I knew there was a cemetery located in a certain area of San Jose, I just did not know exactly where it was. I had had people give me various directions but I just was never able to get there even though I drove around and around. There are no signs indicating where it is nor is there any place to park. This cemetery is placed in a gorgeous little spot off a two lane road deep in the southern foothills of San Jose. There is a little creek running nearby, birds which are singing and cranes and ducks that are constantly making noises. It is placed amid lots of greenery and trees.

The only problem is that the city placed a small road right through it. So, the top half of the cemetery is placed on the side of the hill and the lower half, separated by the road, on the bottom part of the hill. I am not sure which group has taken some care of this cemetery but there is a bench, a historical marker, the documents proving that the city placed a street right through it and the bureaucratic fight that ensued and little paths placed appropriately to get to the headstones. Each headstone has had a "white picket fence" placed around it for preservation and to eliminate the possibilities of vandalism. Flowers have been placed in each grave even though some have markers and some don't. There are also name tags listing who is buried in the particular spots if that information is known.

You never know what you are going to find when you do research but you can read more about these pictures in our "Cemetery Research" page or in our "Ghostly Pictures" page.

This little cemetery is a nice little cemetery and should be preserved. Most of the headstones state that the occupants were buried from the late 1800's or so when the old nearby mines were being used. It is important to preserve the heritage that is there.

This little cemetery needs to be visited for your moments of solitude, but be sure you do not disturb too much or you will be entertained by the never ending barking from the neighboring homes.

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