Ed Levin Cemetery aka Laguna Cemetery

Since the turn of the century, this little plot of land was donated to house a cemetery. This little cemetery held the graves and many of the gravestones of the region's land and economic developers. Many of them have streets named for them or other town items which carry their names.

Unfortunately, since it was such a public place, many of the headstones have been vandalized over the years. The ones that remained were removed to preserve both the headstones and what little history remained there. The graves are still there but there is no way to know exactly where anyone is buried. There are no markers to indicate exactly where the plots are. There is a memorial granite block outside the gates with a very old map that shows where they are, but it is difficult to determine exactly where these graves might be. The headstones have been housed for years in maintenance sheds nearby to preserve them from further damage.

The Ghost Trackers made their way out there recently to see exactly what was left of this vital piece of Santa Clara County history. The findings were terribly disturbing. There were only two headstones that remained and one actual plot showing where they are housed. It was not even easy to find the headstones.

For years, residents nearby have said that there have been sounds that come from the cemetery. There is moaning, crying and other unearthly sounds that have emanated from this plot of land. I spoke with a few residents and a park ranger who verified that this is what has been happening. Is it that they are crying because all of the gravestones were damaged or removed? That may be. The Ghost Trackers are going to try to petition the county to see if money can't be distributed to allow for a good cleanup of this area. These headstones need to be replaced if possible and the vandalism of these poor souls' plots of land needs to stop. Maybe then can these souls rest in peace.

If you are near this graveyard, please stop by and say hello to those resting here. They helped form this piece of the county and deserve to be acknowledged. If you are driving through at night, watch out for anybody who might be trying to leave here. Even they know that this place needs a lot of help. As a service to our local community, we will attempt to clean up and restore this old cemetery. Cemeteries are full of our history and they need to be preserved.

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