Andleberry Estate and Sanitarium

....The Return

The Andleberry Estate and Sanitarium Receives The Ghost Trackers' Haunted Award For Its Excitingly Playful Spirits

Our first investigation of this house was on August 9, 2002. Following the completion of the night in the house on that date, we learned that there were many more questions than there were answers. We felt we needed to return back to that house and try, as scientifically as we could, to find answers to those questions.  Local San Francisco television station, KTVU/Channel 2 has a piece on their 10 o'clock news called "Segment 2" with Bob Mackenzie.  We had agreed to take them to this house for a Halloween segment they wanted to do.

(The picture on the left shows the Channel 2 crew consisted of cameraman Eric Meacham (Electro), employee Chris, Laurie (producer) and Bob Mackenzie (Channel 2 personality).  The picture on the right shows Electro and Chris taping some footage taking EMF readings which had spiked in the moments prior to taking this picture.)

We were not expecting to find anything of an especially unusual nature inside, however, we were not ready for what we had found. What we first believed would be just another simple investigation had turned into something more than expected as the night wore on. It became a reality due to validation from "regular, normal" people that this house exudes energy...the kind of energy that spooky, scary, haunted houses are made of.

It had been decided that we were going to use every scientific tool we had in our arsenal of weapons. We were going to try every "urban legend" and "old wives tale" we had neatly tucked away for use at a time when we needed special tricks of the trade. We had decided to go on September 21, 2002. We had picked that date especially because it fell on a Saturday night and we were going to have a full moon (one of the best old wives tales around).  As an advocate for full moons, I must say that in my experience as an ex-ambulance driver/attendant and nurse in emergency rooms, the combination of a Saturday night and a full moon was intriguing. What better night than a night that would be filled with the typical loonies and crazies that invade most weekend evenings?  To make everything that much better, the emphasis of the earth's gravitational pull and the solar spots would create attitudes in people that you would not normally see. With that rationale in mind I thought over and over again what scenarios might play out if the loonies and crazies were ghosts.  So, again....the stage was set.

Next, we had to get the crew on board. Our team consisted of Chrystie, Gerald, Tom, Michelle and Scott.  The TV crew consisted of the cameraman, Eric Meacham (Electro), Bob Mackenzie (a very nice man and very cute!!) and Laurie, the producer.

 All members in our group are capable, efficient and have proven to be the epitome of workers any ship's captain would kill to have on board.  They are wonderful to work with and my job would never be completed without their help.  However, do we want more than my customary team?  Yes.  I had been in communication with this little town's local historian.  He is the type of person you would see in a Gene Autry cowboy show.  He walks around in cowboy boots and a 10-gallon hat and has a smile for everyone.  He can relate facts and figures at the drop of a.....well, you get the idea.  For credibility in this investigation I figured no one would be more credible than the town historian.  I asked if he would like to join us for the evening and he jumped at the chance.  He grew a grin wider than the brim on his hat.  Our crew was now complete for this investigation.

We checked and re-checked all the equipment we had brought.  We made many trips to the local stores for batteries, tapes, flashlights and anything else we thought we might need for the night.  I arrived at the house first.  I needed to set up the equipment I had with me and wanted to use what valuable sunlight I had left.  I didn't know if there was still electricity in the house.  I didn't want to take the chance that there wasn't power.  Although I usually take candles and flashlights, using whatever available power there is can be a big help.

(The picture on the left shows the activity that began in the basement late into the evening.  EMF readings were being taken and recorded and suddenly Chris shows signs of a developing black image.  Note the right side has the beginning images of a black streak.  In the picture on the right, the black image has continued to present itself.  This is the spot where Scott had said he had seen someone standing.  This is not the beginning or ending of the disk in the camera and the flash was working well.)

I toured the house quickly.  As this was going to be used as a Halloween attraction in the next two weeks, I wanted to make sure I knew where things were so no one fell or got hurt by wires, boxes or any other debris that might have been left on the ground.  As with all the pre-planning I do, safety is always the main concern.  I started on the first floor and ascended the staircase to the upper floor.  There was the room with the maze as before, however, this time the room was completed.  It had killer clowns in the room.  One was sitting in a bed and the other was standing behind a curtain.  The room was completely painted black and the curtains were also black.  The standing killer clown was completely covered by the black curtain with the exception of his feet below the curtain and a strategically placed hole with a sheer where his face can be seen behind the sheer.  They had applied a strobe light in the room and when the strobe light is turned on, the faces of both killer clowns can be seen brightly.  The killer clown in the bed can be hydraulically lifted when guests enter the room.  From there it is assumed they will run into the rest of the maze and into the next room.  After viewing that scene I wanted to run too.  It was just enough to startle you.

The room after that was "Mary's" room.  The employees believe that the room belonged to someone named Mary.  The legend has it that after Mary died, her husband did not want her to be buried since that would leave him all alone.  He apparently left her in that room, undisturbed for a few months after death.  It is said that no one had looked in on her and she had laid in the bed having been embalmed by her husband.  It is not known if he knew how to embalm anyone or how he did the embalming her.   It is said that Mary has become so protective of her room that if someone was to move her rocking chair from the one particular place in the room that she preferred to have it, which was by a window, things in the room would become disarrayed.  When the chair was placed back in its appropriate spot, things would no longer be moved in the room.  The rocking chair is also said to rock periodically when there is no one in the chair.  This will be one of two focal points during the night.


(The picture on the left shows the black image at its darkest point enveloping Chris.  The light you see is Chris' flashlight.  The picture on the right shows the black image in a misty form.  You are able to see Chris in the mist.)

The next room over from there is the "exorcist" room.  Being a Halloween attraction, the bed moves up and down in a motion similar to that seen in the movie.  The employees used hydraulics for that as well.  The room is made to seem like a very normal, contemporary room with the exception of the body on the bed.  All the props are very authentic looking.

I then ventured into the basement.  This had its usual cool temperature.  It was not lower than normal but it was cool.  This was a pleasure considering the outside temperature was nearing the 100 degree mark.  Usually at night, the temperature in the house will still be very warm as there are no open windows.  The windows have been double sealed, inside and out, and boarded up on the outside.  There are a few windows that are not boarded but those are used for scary emphasis in particular rooms.  There are also no open vents in the house.  This makes it hot and musty.  It is especially easy to detect cold spots.  There was nothing unusual or peculiar about the basement this night but this was to be the focal point of our investigation for a few hours as the night wore on.

I walked back downstairs and then walked down the long walkway ramp into the sanitarium.  As I walked down the ramp, I was greeted by three "bodies" hanging in the large, walking hallway separating the house from the sanitarium and they have fully clothed bodies and masks for heads.  They had a makeup artist come into the house and apply real-looking eyeballs to each mask and apply makeup to their faces so that you cannot tell where the mask ends and the eyeballs begin.  It is particularly startling if you do not know they are there.  As I walked into the sanitarium area, I looked from room to room.  There were dead bodies, blood, hospital equipment, writing and drawings covering many walls in many rooms.  Some had "scenes" from various movies and some were just rooms set up to be hospital rooms with surgeries or gruesome maulings going on inside.  The bodies were so realistic it made it very difficult to not lose control of one's good sense.  It was made to scare and that's exactly what happens if you allow it to get the best of you.  Everything seemed in order so I walked back toward the main part of the house.

(The picture on the left shows the black image again with Chris on the right.  The right picture shows the crew heading up the stairs to the second floor.  I am asked if I am going up the stairs and I said I would be up later.  All of the crew had second thoughts.)

The rest of the crew had come and we had the typical interviews with some of the local  media that had shown up.  We answered the typical who, what, why questions and chit chatted for a bit with each other. 

After meeting with the media, we again congregated in the parlor.  All the furniture had been changed to different rooms or in different ways.  Our sleeping arrangements would be different but that didn't change our investigation procedures.  Although we were fewer than before, we would still break out into two different groups.  I had placed a camera that was already recording in the hallway of the sanitarium.  That would be changed after a few hours to the basement and then on to Mary's room.  We had determined during the previous investigation that activity in those certain areas occurred at what seemed like certain times.  For a while we had begun to consider the possibility that we were being set up.  After much foot work the first time around, we discovered that that indeed was not the case.  It seems that the sanitarium is always active, the basement is always active and Mary's room becomes active by the purely innocent act of moving her chair.  We now had our game plan.  We all tested our equipment in our "safe area", the parlor.  Following check and recheck, we proceeded to our respective areas to begin the investigating.

We made sure all photographic equipment was working sufficiently with back-up cameras if needed.  Everywhere we went we were taking pictures.  We began in the parlor, onto the entryway, the dining area and in adjacent rooms.  We studied every room and every detail.  We checked the rooms up at the tops toward the ceiling and down below following the moldings along the floors.  We moved slowly and purposefully.  We measured, recorded and took pictures.  We were meticulous in every room.  We opened each drawer and closet leaving no stone unturned.  We checked out the parlor, quiet.  We checked out the old "coffin room".  There was no longer the light, sweet smell of roses from before.  It was musty but quiet.  We continued on room to room, keeping our equipment moving and our senses awake.  We entered the kitchen.  The moving curtain from before was not moving.  This was unusual as there was a brisk breeze moving the large, ominous trees outside with a nice, easy swaying movement.  This house was indeed locked up tight with no wind being accessible anywhere.  There was a smell of cooking.  We could not quite name what the smell was, however, it was a boiling water, hot pot type of smell.  You are aware of it when you smell it but can't quite put your finger on it.  We made note of this, took our pictures and continued on.

We decided to go up at this point. We wanted to go and secure the top floors so we can concentrate our best efforts on the sanitarium and the basement.  With cameraman in tow, we climbed the stairs and discovered a few cold spots in a few of the rooms.  We decided to test our old wives tale.  We moved Mary's chair which was near the window into the hallway.  We went back down the stairs to investigate the sanitarium. 

We walked the long hallway into the sanitarium and began moving from room to room.  As we moved slowly about the areas, we noticed not only the Halloween decorations but the cold spots.  We took many different pictures. 

(We took many pictures in the sanitarium.  This room had two chairs that were side by side that were emanating EMF waves.  The picture on the right was the first picture I had taken.  As I was taking the picture, I noticed that the curtain was suddenly into view (who was pulling it shut?) even though I had pulled it all the way to the open position.  We were the only two people in the room.   The picture on the left was taken after I had repositioned myself to take a picture of the second chair and as I had the chair reclined (by itself).   Noticing Chris' expression shows a somewhat startled look while it was happening.)

A few things began to take place over the course of a few hours.  We noticed many cold spots in the sanitarium.  If that sounds like it is nothing, take this into consideration.  The temperature in the city was about 100 degrees outside.  With the house locked up and closed, the temperature inside was a few degrees warmer inside.  As the temperature outside cooled down a few degrees, the temperature inside became a comfortable 95 degrees.  To have a cold spot develop in a room that is approximately 95 degrees, was quite a feat.  While we were in a room, we noticed two chairs in the room.  The events are explained above in the pictures.  You make up your mind as to what took place in there.  Remember, no one else was in the room.  Everyone else was down the hall.  All the lights were off.  The only lighting in the room was the flash from my camera and Chris' flashlight.

The pictures taken in the basement are all described above.  What is the black image and black mist?  The pictures are presented to you for your own determination.  What I didn't tell you was when we were walking down the stairs to the basement, I led the way, Chris was behind me and Electro was behind us filming.  About halfway down the stairs, I saw a ball of light that went down the stairwell and to the right around the corner.  I was startled.  I was speechless.  I didn't say anything at first.  BUT - Chris spoke up and said, "did you see that?".  I acknowledged that I did but this experience made me realize what happens to people when these unusual things happen.  You clam up.  Instead of saying something, I stood there, both because I was startled and because I couldn't make up my mind if I really saw it or not.  How could I doubt myself?  I know I saw it but couldn't bring myself to say anything.  So, was the ball of light the black image?  Was that what was going down the stairs?  You make your determination.

(These two pictures were put here just to show you the type of Halloween decorations we had seen as we were walking through the sanitarium.)

It was difficult enough to be walking through the house without having these extremely realistic Halloween decorations hung around all the walls. As described above, the unusual events in the sanitarium certainly made us take notice.  The room with the two chairs was probably the most remarkable event.  As we had walked into the room, I had pulled the curtain all the way open.  I never like to take the chance that someone will come up behind (or in front) and say "boo".  That is more unnerving than dealing with the paranormal.  The chair next to the curtain was emanating a lot of energy.  Chris was checking the room for EMF readings and made that determination.  We decided to stand there for a moment to see if there might be a paranormal event.  Within a few moments, I had realized that as I was taking a few pictures, the curtain was closing.  We were the only two in the room and the others were further down the hall.  So, that being the case, I decided to concentrate on the other chair.  I was getting ready to take a picture when it was mentioned that it seems as though someone was sitting in the chair and as I was taking the picture, the chair reclined.  This really startled the both of us.  Chris was ready to leave the room and the sanitarium at that point.  Aside from what sounded like footsteps and doors closing at the far end of the sanitarium, there were no other remarkable incidents that occurred. 

The last event that occurred had to do with Mary's room.  To test the possibility of activity in the room, it was decided that we would move the chair into the hallway, which we had done earlier.  The cameraman, Electro, decided to sleep in Mary's bed for the night while the rest of us bed down in the parlor.  Although a couple of of the group wandered the bottom floor and basement during the rest of the evening, no one went upstairs.  In the morning, it was discovered that Mary's chair was back in the room in the same spot by the window.  Electro stated he did not move it.  The rest of us were downstairs and had never ventured back upstairs that night.  So...who moved the chair?  Was it really Mary or did someone play a trick?  Everyone stated that they did not go upstairs and Electro's camera which he left running in the room, did not show anyone walking around.  Again, you make the determination.

CONCLUSION:  Our night in the Andleberry House was another significant success.  Although it is human nature to try to come up with an excuse why things happen or if they really did happen, we can capture what we can capture on film and present the information to those of you willing to learn more about it.  I absolutely believe that this house is haunted.  What is the reason for this haunting?  I know I will never know the answer to that question but there is sufficient evidence that it is occurring.


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