Ghost Trackers and Central California Paranormal Investigators Investigate The Castle Air Museum With A KFSN/Channel 30 News Crew

The Castle Air Museum Receives the Ghost Trackers' Haunted Award for having a significantly HAUNTED B-29!!

Our Forensic Photographer, Jim Carter, begins:

This is the claimed home of "Arthur", a spirit from the past that seems to have a connection with the B-29 located at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California.  We don't know if that is his real name, but upon researching this site for past activity, we came across some interesting stories.

"Raz'n Hell", as the plane's nose art indicates is the plane's name, is actually made up of pieces of three separate aircraft of the same model, gathered from the Naval Weapons Center located at China Lake.  As far as I can tell, these parts were not exposed to, or had participated in, any nuclear testing. This is important as you will see later.

One of the stories is that the restoration crew was going to look into the electrical system of the plane and see if it was possible to get any running, or landing lights, working on it.   A person that works there was driving by the museum on his way home and noticed the running lights were lit. Impressed, he stopped by the museum the next day to congratulate the crew only to find out that they not gotten the lights working.  In fact, they hadn't even worked on them!

On several instances there have been reports of a shadowy figure seen moving around the cockpit only to find, upon inspection, that no one was, or had been, in the plane.  Another reported experience tells of one of the workers restoring the plane had asked his buddy to hand him a wrench. He felt the wrench in his hand, only to see his co-worker outside through the port hole...and no one was in the plane.  Was it Arthur giving a "hand"? More recently, one of the employees that run the museum, took an early morning picture of "Raz'n Hell" and found a colored shape that appears at first glance to be the outline of a person.

So armed with information like this and with KFSN in tow to film us doing our thing, we proceeded with the investigation.   With a full moon rising over her nose, the ladder was placed into the front wheel well, and the hatch to the cockpit was cracked open.  


The Ghost Trackers had been invited to join TV personality Anita Kissee and the KFSN News Crew/Channel 30 to film a segment for their Halloween news cast.  As this is territory that is normally covered by one of our coalition team members, Central California Paranormal Investigators, we invited them to join us.  After introductions, we listened as Anita interviewed employee Karen Machan and Tom Cavallero, volunteer and retired pilot, about the hauntings of the B-29 in question, "Raz'n Hell".  As explained above, this plane was renovated to its present state utilizing parts from at least two other aircrafts. However, all working electrical components were removed leaving no possibility of anything hooked up that could be turned on in the plane.

As most of the sightings emanated from the B-29, that is where we decided to concentrate our investigation.  We listened intently to Karen's story of how she had taken a picture of one of the planes, a KC-97, for a guest who wasn't able to visit the museum.  She was going to mail it to him. She took the very interesting picture below.

Listening to Tom Cavallero's story of how a workman was inside the plane performing maintenance all the while thinking his friend was with him, then requested a wrench, certainly got our attention.  He continued the story by telling us that the wrench ended up in the workman's hand and he continued working until, moments later he saw his friend outside the plane when looking through the cockpit window.   Of course, there was no possible way the friend could have gotten out of the plane so quickly.

Looking at the plane during the day seemed simple enough.  Although it was a towering hunk of metal, there was nothing about it that would make anyone uneasy.

However, looking at this plane in the shroud of darkness and with a full moon bursting out above the treetops, one could only think it was ominous and scary looking.

We began our investigation by setting up all our equipment.  We would have most of the night to use as we needed. The temperature steadily dropped making for a very chilly, though gorgeous evening.   We took our preliminary pictures inside the plane. Those can be seen below.

Looking through the cockpit of the plane was very exciting. I had never been really close to a bomber plane before and so, to have this opportunity was something I could have only dreamed of.  Not very many people are allowed to be in the cockpit of these planes for liability reasons, but here we were, nestled among the large panels of metal and instruments.

Looking at the size of the cockpit would certainly have made even the mightiest men claustrophobic.  It is not easy to maneuver yourself in the seats or while climbing up the ladder to get inside. It is only those with the strongest wills that could have climbed up into those planes and get them moving.

Besides having decomposing materials such as the ones in the picture on the right, the only "orbs" captured on film during the investigation of the B-29  happened to be in the pilot's seat that had no material or fluff on it to form dust particles.  Could this be some visitors watching what we were doing?

During the investigation, Jim decided to attempt contact and using sensitive equipment in both hands, began talking to "Arthur", the ghost said to be haunting the B-29.   This was a very controlled situation in which he sat and using the equipment was taking controlled readings and "conversing" with Arthur asking him to perform certain tasks utilizing the equipment which Arthur was able to achieve.  When Jim would ask Arthur to do this task, it would get done. When he was asked to do another task, it would be done. This very controlled scientific situation gave us very good evidence that leads us to believe that we had made contact with Arthur or whomever the entity was in the plane that night.

Following Jim's situation, I had gone into the plane.  I did not sit in the same area that Jim did to try to get different readings or to discount what Jim had done.  I attempted to verbally contact Arthur. I talked and listened, talked and listened. By talking to Arthur, he managed to get the Trifield EMF meters' needle to flip over to its highest setting and stay there and after 10-15 seconds it would come back down.  I also would hear a large banging noise. I was the only one in the plane. The others were feet away listening to me on the radio. I heard the banging three times and at those times, the EMF meter did the same thing. It went all the way up, stayed there for seconds and then came back down.  Did I feel I made contact with Arthur? I believe I may have. I do think Arthur was more of a willing participant with Jim as he was dressed in a leather jacket similar to what the airmen would have been wearing in those days and also, he was a man. That may have made a difference, but I still feel with the banging noises and the meter, I did make contact.

Jim went up into the plane one last time and was able to reproduce the same effect again, however, the strength of the tests was diminishing.  Arthur was getting tired.

I had not mentioned that prior to entering the cockpit and while equipment was being set up and tested, we had batteries draining in the cameras not only with our members' equipment but with the camera man's equipment as well.  He did make a comment that he has never had that happen before. How many times have we heard that??

So - in conclusion of this investigation, we discovered that we may have made contact with Arthur under the most controlled of scientific circumstances.  That was very exciting. We discovered what may be "orbs" in only the pilot's seat of the cockpit. We also discovered what may be a lonely "orb" in the museum milling about a picture of a service man as seen below.

Out of all the many pictures taken in the museum that night, only one had what may be an "orb" in it.  Funny how it is located just where the picture of the man in uniform is located. Could this be the spirit that is haunting the Castle Air Museum?  Could this be the picture of Arthur, the ghost haunting the B-29? Could there be more than one spirit haunting the area? As always with a paranormal investigation, there are more questions than answers.

The Ghost Trackers would like to THANK Anita Kissee and Brian of KFSN/Channel 30, as well as the curator, manager and employees of the Castle Air Museum for allowing us this wonderful and very exciting opportunity to prove that

the Castle Air Museum is indeed haunted.

A big THANK YOU also to Jackie and Mark from Central California Paranormal Investigators for assisting us in this extraordinary investigation.