The Buford House Bed & Breakfast In Haunted Tombstone, Arizona

Extremely Haunted House - Receives Double Haunted Awards For The Extraordinary Spirit Energy In Its' Rooms

The Ghost Trackers and Movie Mix Productions have released the documentary video


This bed and breakfast is an 1880 adobe home that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was named after George Buford who was a prominent mine owner in that time. This house has been home to two sheriffs, a mayor, a state senator and various other people of local fame as well as the Duke, the infamous John Wayne.

There are no records to indicate that Wyatt Earp or any of his brothers or the Clantons or McLaury's stayed here. This house was too respectable for them as they frequented staying on the main strip of town with its honky-tonks and bars.

The upstairs bedrooms are filled with antiques. Each room has a theme. The Wicker, Victorian and Western bedrooms share two bathrooms but have sinks in each room. The "Nellie Cashman" (named for a woman who readily gave food, shelter or money to people who were down on their luck) has a private bath. Downstairs is the Garden Room which has a gas log fireplace, private entrance and private bathroom with an original sunken, tiled, concrete bathtub.

This house has wonderful charm that you notice once you enter its doorway. There is a wood stairway that leads you up to the upper floor rooms and wooden armoires holding antiques as you enter. The owners, Ruth and Richard Allen, are the most accommodating people you can find. They are gracious and hospitable and make you feel as though YOU ARE home.

Although Mrs. Allen feels there are no malevolent or evil spirits in the house, she feels she needs to protect it. Thus, she has placed rosary beads at the bottom of the stairs.

Although we were merely investigating their house, they invited us for breakfast which I believe would have been a very hearty, wonderfully cooked, fresh meal. Unfortunately, due to our tight filming schedule, we were unable to take advantage of their kind gesture. I do know that I will need to come back to this beautiful home, not only for its beauty and hospitality but for its haunted atmosphere.

The Allens tell tales of hauntings that extend as far back as the opening of the home back in the late 1880's.

They tell of George who lived in the Buford house with his father and had a love of Cleopatra, Petra for short, who lived across the street. As the story goes, George would leave for months at a time to go mining. Upon his return following one of these trips, he accompanied Petra and some other friends as they went visiting. During the course of that evening, Petra decided to accompany another gentleman on the walk home. No one knows if there was an argument or disagreement but this is the course of events. George became enraged and despondent. Petra was promised to him and now she has gone against that promise. George became more and more reclusive and angry. His father became concerned for him and began checking on him regularly to make sure that he was all right. One evening though, it didn't matter anymore. George was visited by Petra but before she could leave the Buford gate, George had shot her twice, mortally wounding her. He then shot himself and died right there. Petra found her way back across the street but because of what she had done to George - by taking the affection of another man after being promised to George - the town's doctor would not take care of her. There just happened to be a surgeon who normally took care of the wounded gunslingers. He took care of Petra, who was close to death, and she eventually recovered. She went on to have a normal life getting married, having children but was not accepted by the townspeople because of what she did to George.

The Allens say that George still haunts the Buford House. He has been seen in the house many times by guests and by themselves. They say he will touch the women's hair or stroke the back of their neck.

They also talk of a story of an old woman. They say they received that story from the previous owners of the house, however, they have never seen an old woman. They have another playful ghost that likes to play hide and seek with items. They tell of one instance where a woman was visiting with her family and her wallet was suddenly missing. They searched and searched but could never find it. Finally, they decided to try again before leaving and found it under the bed, money, cards, everything...intact. It wasn't there before but it was there now!!

Our investigation of the Buford House was very successful. There was tremendous energy in the house. The camera crew that was with us saw a light on the wall of the Wicker room and saw it flash across the wall to the right towards the door. They saw orbs moving from a corner of the room and into the wall. They saw this multiple times without cameras!!

The three possible orbs in this picture are basically lined up. There is a small one above the doorway, one in the doorway but recessed and one near Mrs. Allen's knees.

The orbs in this picture are to the left of the camera man with the black t-shirt on. There is a cluster of the same 3-4 orbs from the other picture.

All these orbs were taken in the same room with the shots taken from the north end of the room and the other shot from the south end of the room, respectively.

The most incredible picture is the one taken by my camera. You will notice it is of a dresser but if you look at the dresser's mirror, you will see a face. We manipulated this picture over and over to see if we could determine what it was. We see the camera's light reflection in the top left hand corner but in the middle towards the bottom there is a face of a cowboy with a cowboy hat on. You can compare the cowboy hat with that hat that is on the head of John Wayne in the picture above. The "cone shape" of the top part of the hat is the most noticeable. Although blowing the picture up makes it easier for you to see, it does not allow you to see it in the best way as we person. We don't know if this is George, but one of the cameramen kept telling us he had the feeling that someone was looking out the window that is situated next to this dresser. He said it felt like it was George looking over at Petra's house.

We found a picture taken of the other side of the room to show that there is nothing that could possibly be reflecting from the opposing wall.

We do know that many, many strange things happen in that house and if you are in Tombstone for a visit or just passing through, my suggestion is for you to make it a point to stay in the Buford House Bed & Breakfast. It will make for a very memorable trip!! Tell them the Ghost Trackers sent you!!

The Ghost Trackers and Movie Mix Productions would like to extend its' sincerest THANK YOU'S to all the people of Tombstone who allowed us entry into their buildings so that we may film these most historic areas.