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                                                                                                                                                                                   Ghost TrackersTM   

Welcome to the official Ghost TrackersTM web site.  We are one of very few, long established Paranormal Research Groups.

Ghost TrackersTM are a professional research group with years of experience, utilizing a diverse group of people, educating the public with regard to ghostly activity. 

Ghost TrackersTM is dedicated to the Research, Investigation and Documentation of Ghostly Activity in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County Area, Northern California and its' Surrounding Western States.

Ghost TrackersTM has been a group since 1992. We conduct discreet investigations, assist people in need, educate the public, conduct field research and promote the learning and understanding of ghosts and other psychic phenomena. We use the latest scientific methods and tools as well as occasional psychic investigators in our research. 

Ghost TrackersTM uses a diverse group of people from nurses and psychologists to office workers and teachers. Ghost TrackersTM routinely investigates documented and undocumented hauntings and conducts field research to gain more knowledge of the phenomenon.  

Ghost TrackersTM has the expertise of advanced technicians and scientists with all the latest equipment allowing our group to be on the cutting edge of technology when conducting our investigations.

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The Center For ParaPsychical ResearchTM ~ takes ghost hunting for the paranormal, psychical and technical research one step further.  By taking the evidence collected by the Ghost TrackersTM Paranormal Research Group, we are able to analyze more closely, refine and add depth and definition to their theories and accurately document the paranormal activities currently occurring across the country and around the world.

Taking the scientific theories used and testing them using environmental, geologic, neurologic and paranormal parameters allows us to form better theories for future use.   

Testing different elements for research, on equipment, or using our psychomanteum, utilizing the finest tools and equipment on our investigations, etc., we are able to define, refine and scientifically analyze the possibilities of paranormal/psychical influence on the environment.  

Utilizing scientific tools, we are also able to begin the testing of psychics, sensitives and mediums to determine the correlation between the environment and their talents.  However, the primary focus for "The Center" is paranormal research based.

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The Ghost TrackersTM Paranormal Research Group is affiliated with The Center For ParaPsychical Research

The Center For ParaPsychical Research is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization

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